September 15

 We had some buddies over to play.  They were tired at this point, and REALLY into Chuggington.
I am fairly sure Luke is saying "Look Mom, taking pictures is cool, but not while my favorite show is on, m'kay?".

September 14

William played with shaving cream at school and convinced me that we should try it at home, too.  They couldn't seem to keep it in the pans!  At least the clean up wasn't so bad and left a nice scent.

September 12

Popcorn and a show before bed has become a classic.  The boys are really into it, and they love air popped popcorn, just plain!  Choking hazard and all...

September 9

The boys learn to fish.  Their attention span is quit short still.  One cast out, reel in, and they are ready to go to the playground!

September 5

Saturday at the carwash...

September 4

Box Boy?  I don't know, but Will and Luis seemed to get a kick out of this!

September 2

 Daddy took Will to his second day of school.  Both were so proud!
Here is Will at his desk with his name tag.  Luke seems ready to get in on the play dough action, too!